Fast, safe and secure.

The project's aim is to provide a VPN service that will be fast, safe and secure for anyone and everyone to use.

VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network" and it usually lets users connect to a private/internal network but in this case our service lets users to create a secure tunnel between their computer and our servers allowing them to have a fast and safe experience and also establishing a secure session.

Many people use a commercial VPN service because of privacy, security and bypassing geo-blocking. We strongly beleive that everyone has the right to control on who has access to their own personal data and our VPN service let's users do that. Our servers use the OpenVPN Protocol along with AES encryption cipher of 256bit.

Our VPN servers also enforce our own in-house content blocking system which blocks all malicious websites & requests.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is StarkNEX VPN?

It's a VPN service project we are working on.

Is StarkNEX VPN free?

StarkNEX VPN will be a subscription based service with access to a variety of servers in different regions. Pricing will be available once more information comes out.

Will other VPN protocols be supported?

In future yes. We are already working on support for SSH Tunneling, SOCKS, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP protocols.

Do you develop custom VPN solutions for enterprise customers?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

I'm interested in using StarkNEX VPN, how do I register?

StarkNEX VPN is currently still in development and is in closed beta stages.
In the meantime you can sign up to our website and get notified when it is available.

Got an invitation code?
Sign up here with your new or existing account.