About StarkNEX.

StarkNEX originally started of as a hobby/side-project.
Back in the days, StarkNEX was just a VPN project back in high school but now, StarkNEX is now a small startup in Australia that works on building Cyber Security Solutions and providing Cyber Security Services.


About Usayd‌.

Usayd, the Founder & Director of StarkNEX works on emerging technologies and cyber security. He is also currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology (Networking & Cybersecurity) at the University of South Australia. Usayd is known for his security research and has made significant contribution in the Cybersecurity & Technology industry.

Usayd has experience in Whitehat/Ethical hacking and has participated in many bug bounty programs and reported many security flaws for major companies like Facebook and Microsoft at a young age.

He is also involved in the Adelaide Startups scene and is also an associate member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA).

‌Personal Website: infosec.cy

The story/history behind StarkNEX.

The name "NEXUS8" breaks down to "NEX" which stands for Network Experience and "US" stands for the server region; in this case it was in West US. I added an "8" since it sounded good with Nexus.
One day, one of my mates approached me asking how you get Facebook working at school, how do you play CS:GO at school etc. This is where Project 'Stark' was born. We discontinued NEXUS8 and created the "ProjectStark" Azure VM. This server ran Windows Server 2008 R2 and was hosted in Victoria which meant for faster speeds. My mate and I decided to experiment with the new server and it worked perfectly.
In 2016, StarkNEX moved onto an in-house developed solution (codenamed 'Nemo' internally) which involved using OpenVPN Technology. We wanted to explore much faster and secure ways to connect. This was very sophisticated and achieved only because of having somewhat knowledge of the School's Network Infrastructure and found a loop hole to allow and disguise it as legitimate network traffic.
As this was during High School as a side hobby, StarkNEX is a startup building Cyber Security Solutions and providing Cyber Security Services.
- Usayd.

The Founder & Director of StarkNEX.