From what started as a project in high school, Starknex has transformed into an agile cyber security company that works against cyber security issues, like insider threats. We are building innovative products to address prevalent and pervasive cyber risks, so we can protect and strongarm organisations of any size.


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Usayd Marikar

Founder & Director

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Head of Strategy & Special Projects

Meet Usayd

The founder of Starknex, a cyber security expert and ethical hacker based in Adelaide, South Australia.

He is driven by creativity & curiosity, always had an interest in IT & Cyber Security and also breaking and hacking into anything he sees ever since he was a kid.

Usayd has a proven track record when it comes to finding & reporting numerous security flaws to companies (such as Facebook/Meta and Microsoft) and also at the same time, getting caught up with the Australian Federal Police and the FBI for hacking into a trillion dollar corporation twice at only 13 years old.

Since then, he has used his skills for good; launching Starknex as a start up company from a side-project from high school and continues to have a strong focus on addressing various issues in cyber security such as insider threats with a mission to build innovative products to address those issues and helping out organisations of any size when it comes to cyber security and their overall security posture.

In his free time, he enjoys breaking production, exploring the outdoors, travelling and goes to few too many hardstyle music festivals.

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