New look


Since 2017 when Starknex was just a side project back in high school, we’ve been using the same “logo” ever since.

Old Logo: StarkNEX

Old logo

Sharepoint folder containing the original logo

SharePoint folder containing the original logo and the original date created/modified

Until today, we have decided to change our logo to better reflect our brand.

  • The new logo is a modern take on the original Starknex logo, still retaining our name and corporate font (Source Sans Pro).
  • The new logo features an eight-point star. Starknex has eight letters :o
  • We’ve switched out the “StarkNEX Red” colour (hex code #ef232c) for a purple colour to describe both our blue-teaming and red-teaming activities and adhering to colour accessibility standards.
  • As part of this change, we’ve also changed the way how Starknex is now written. Instead of using all caps for NEX, we’ve decided to use all lowercase letters to make it easier to read and type/write. So now instead of StarkNEX, now we’re just Starknex.

To request for our branding & identity kit and guidelines, feel free to request it by sending a request to our contact form.

We hope you like it! :)