Red-Teaming Services

Our advanced Red-Teaming services provide a comprehensive assessment of your organisation's cyber security and physical security posture. Our team of expert red-teaming specialists will simulate real-world attack scenarios, attempting to infiltrate your systems, identify vulnerabilities and testing your own employees.

Once any weaknesses have been detected, we provide in-depth analysis and a recommended action plan for remediation, helping you to quickly address any issues and strengthen your defences against future threats. Our Red-Teaming services include network penetration testing, web application testing, social engineering simulations and physical security assessments.

By partnering with us for Red-Teaming, you can have confidence in the security of your systems and data, and gain a better understanding of your organisation's security maturity.

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Our Services

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Cyber Security Consulting

Providing expert guidance and support.
With our experience and expertise, we can help you implement effective security measures to safeguard your organisation from adversaries and cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Assessments & Red-Teaming

Test your organisation's defences.
Simulating attacks and finding vulnerabilities to test your defences and providing recommendations for improving security; protecting your organisation against cyber attacks.

Cloud Security Posture

Understand risk in your cloud infrastructure.
Assessing your cloud security posture against compliance frameworks (such as PCI and ISO 27001) and providing recommendations to improve your cloud security posture.

Essential Eight Compliance

Making it harder for adversaries to compromise your systems.
Assessing and implementing the Essential Eight maturity model and strategies to improve your organisation's security posture.


Futureproofing your organisation by implementing solutions & strategies.
Including: Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace, Privilege & identity access management (includes Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication), DevOps , Information classification, Device & Application Management, Update & Patching management.

Managed Security Services

Providing comprehensive IT management with a strong emphasis on cyber security.
Services include: regular software updates and patch management, monitoring for suspicious activity, and incident response planning to minimise the impact of a security breach as well as general IT support such as troubleshooting, hardware and software management, and network management.

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