Threat Intelligence

At the forefront of cyber security, Starknex is dedicated to delivering exceptional cyber threat intelligence that stands out in the industry.

We harness a diverse range of resources and innovative techniques to protect businesses from digital threats: Access to an expansive array of global cyber threat intelligence sources, including:

  • • Commercial feeds renowned for their comprehensive coverage and reliability.
  • • Government intelligence providing authoritative insights into the ever-evolving threat landscape.
  • • Industry data sources that offer specialised knowledge tailored to various sectors.
  • • Open source intelligence (OSINT) which contributes a wealth of publicly available information.
  • • In-house security research conducted by our team of experts who delve deep into emerging cyber security trends and vulnerabilities.
  • • Client network telemetry, a trove of valuable information gleaned from the firsthand experiences of our own clients, offering real-time insights into active threats.
  • • Our network of honeypots are strategically deployed across the internet, mimicing authentic systems and networks, attracting adversaries and enabling us to study their tactics, techniques and tools.
  • • Comprehensive dark web monitoring, where we discreetly observe and document under-the-radar activities that could indicate impending cyber threats.

By integrating these methodologies, we aggregate and analyse everything through our Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform and are poised to provide unmatched cyber threat intelligence services that help secure and empower your digital landscape.

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